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AM/ PM Treatment Set

Sale price£195.00 GBP
2 x 30mL / 1.01 fl oz

Morning Dew Vitamin C + Yellow Moonbeam Retinal Elixir


The globally award-winning duo, now as a set (with a $37 saving).

Two potent, active serums designed to work together based on what your skin needs at different times of day.

The AM/PM Set contains:

Morning Dew Vitamin C Serum: A refreshing, gel-like serum which protects and brightens the skin, giving it the famous RAAIE dewy glow. Containing two types of stable Vitamin C, combined with the antioxidant power of New Zealand botanicals for protection against signs of aging, like sauvignon blanc grape seed and blackcurrants. More info

Yellow Moonbeam Retinal Elixir: A luxurious evening elixir that has been described as “an instagram filter for your face”. This elixir accelerates cellular turnover, revealing smoother, bouncier, firmer looking skin. Containing encapsulated Retinal (an incredible, next-generation version of retinol/ Vitamin A), along with bakuchiol, niacinamide, squalene, native marine algae, alpine rosehip and harakeke native flaxseed. More info

    AM/ PM Treatment Set Sale price£195.00 GBP 2 x 30mL / 1.01 fl oz

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 57 reviews

    For over 2 years now RAAIE has been a part of my daily AM and PM rituals. RAAIE is everything I dreamed of and more! It’s my Salute to the Sun on a sunny blue sky day. It’s my calm, nurturing hug on a cold winters morning. It’s the missing link I have always searched for to satisfy the yearning desires of my skin. Thank you for the joy your products bring. The curvaceous bottles alone stir a connection, a belonging. My sensitive skin has found a soulmate in RAAIE. Eternally yours x


    Love the skin feeling, just an incredible product. Aesthetic product packaging too!

    Beautiful products!

    I have used most products on the market, it is so nice to find Raaie, I feel that it has really changed my skin for the better, I am very much enjoying all the products,

    Pleasantly surprised

    Pleasantly surprised by how gentle the duo serum is, as my skin usually break-out with serum/cream containing retinol. My skin is looking radiant and silky these days.

    Chelsea Drey
    The best

    Honestly I’m shocked at how good they are! Wish I’d taken before and afters haha